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GCB AutoX is focused on acquiring good-class businesses in the EV automotive aftermarket.


GCB AutoX seeks to be the leader in the growth of the electrical grid and electrical vehicle aftermarket.

We are acquiring "good-class businesses" in the EV and electrical grid aftermarket.

Founder Friendly Acquisitions. 

How are we organized?

Efficient, Effective, Results

  • The GCB AutoX HQ function is extremely lean, numbering less than people versus those companies that seek large offices and corporate structures.

  • Our business is structured with minimal hierarchy to allow for a flexible organization, for efficient and effective decision-making at the business level.

What is a GCB?

GCB is derived from Singapore, a good-class bungalow. It is a very exclusive criterion of residential property in Singapore, and thus the world. 

  1. "To qualify as a GCB:

    1. the property must have at least 1,400 square metres (approx. 15,070 sq.ft.) of land area, and the bungalow itself is limited to a maximum of two storeys in height."

    2.  GCB must also be located in the prime residential districts of 10 and 11, or in the bungalow estates of districts 20, 21, and 23, within these 39 Good Class Bungalow Areas (GCBAs).

There has not been an equivalent word used to describe the best of the best businesses in the business world. 

We seek to acquire a portfolio of Good Class Businesses to support the growth because of the consistency of profitability, high ethical standards to do the right things, highest quality of service that is possible. Why settle for anything less than a good-class business?

Good Class Business

History of Profitability

  • The business has demonstrated a consistent history of profitability

Operational Excellence

  • Delivering the highest possible quality of service to customers

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